R.G. Absher
R.G. Absher

For many generations, banjo and fiddle music have served as a backbone in Southern Appalachian string band music. Whether you're talking about bluegrass or even old time music, the roots of "Carolina Style" folk music have a strong connection to the use of the banjo and fiddle. Somewhere between Colonial America and the Ante-bellum South, that marriage gradually took place. Historians indicate the Scotch-Irish introduced the fiddle and Black Americans introduced the banjo, or a similar instrument, that led to its development. What was born of the union was a traditional American string band music with roots in the old world. It's fairly easy to find influence of Celtic Music, blues and Negro spirituals in today's bluegrass music. The music of R.G. Absher blends these styles in a unique way that is appealing to everyone. Samples of R.G.'s music can be heard on this website. If you like what you hear, you can also purchase his cd's.

R.G. peforming with Extra Measure during MerleFest. R.G. peforming with Extra Measure during MerleFest.

R.G. is also available to provide music for weddings, parties, or any other special event. He is available to perform alone or with Extra Measure and Celtic Connection.

R.G. Absher performing with Extra Measure during MerleFest.

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R.G. Absher
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